Features in A View to a Kill and briefly appears in From Russia With Love. 

In A View to A Kill, Bond meets with French private detective Achille Aubergine in a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower to investigate the suspected drug doping of Max Zorin’s race winning horses. During the dinner, Aubergine is murdered by a masked assasin who Bond gives chase to until the assasin escapes by parachuting from the Eiffel Tower. Bond then leaves the tower by jumping on to the top of a passing elevator. An exterior shot of the tower is also seen when Bond commandeers a taxi parked outside and continues pursuit of the assasin. 

The Eiffel Tower also briefly appears in the distance of a scene in From Russia With Love when SPECTRE agents are meeting in a Paris location. 

There is also a mention of the Eiffel Tower in Moonraker when Corine Dufor mentions to James Bond that Hugo Drax bought the tower but was refused an export permit.