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Checkpoint Charlie (also known as Checkpoint C) is probably the most famous checkpoint along the Berlin wall that served as a crossing point between West and East Berlin during the Cold War. 

The actual guardhouse at Checkpoint Charlie can now be found in the Allied Museum in the Dahlem area of Berlin. A replica of the guardhouse resembling the one put up in 1961 now stands on the site of Checkpoint Charlie. 

In the film Octopussy, Bond is briefed by M in a chauffeur driven car heading towards Checkpoint Charlie from West to East Berlin. The checkpoint can be seen when M leaves the car and Bond continues through the checkpoint with the chauffeur into East Berlin. 



  1. It is worth to see also a model of Acrostar BD-5J Micro Jet from Octopussy in BACK-FACTORY CAFE next to Checkpoint Charlie.

    • Thanks for that Piotr, we’ll be sure to check it out.

      By the way, great Bond locations blog you have!

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